Balancing group management for electricity, natural gas and biogas

Whether electricity, natural gas or biogas: energy suppliers are obliged to maintain so-called balancing groups - or energy quantity accounts. This obligation does not apply to large consumers. However, for many companies, a separate balancing group is the basis for transparent energy management. Balancing groups document all energy input and output to the grid. The requirements for balancing group management have increased significantly in recent years. We support you in complying with all legal obligations.

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We take care of your balancing group management

We offer you our balancing group management for electricity, natural gas and biogas in all German control areas and market areas. In this way, we ensure market-compliant communication and timely handling of energy market processes for you. GETEC ENERGIE's balancing group experts take care of all aspects of balancing group management for you: from the execution of registration processes, forecasting and spot market balancing to schedule management, the fulfillment of all rights and obligations under German law, the inclusion of third-party quantities in the balancing group, contract documentation, billing and monitoring of compensation energy costs.

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International balancing group management

Many companies do not limit their activities to the German market. If you have production sites or branches in several European countries, but still want to organize your energy management centrally, we can provide you with competent support. Our balancing group management is also available to you as a transnational service. We ensure that your energy volume accounts are managed in accordance with the industry and country-specific guidelines. We also take over the communication with the responsible network operators abroad, the coordination of the cross-national schedule registrations and the alignment of the bilateral schedules with the market partners abroad.


Legal certainty

Be sure that all legal requirements for balancing group management are met.

Many years of experience

Benefit from our experience in managing accounting grid for electricity, natural gas and biogas.

Save effort

Save yourself the effort of in-depth knowledge of all regulations concerning balancing group management.

Secure supply abroad

Be on the safe side also when it comes to energy supply in other EU markets.

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