Many industrial and commercial companies want to produce and operate more sustainably. The use of biomethane, or green gas, plays a central role in this. GETEC ENERGIE offers individual solutions for companies aiming for a more CO2-neutral positioning. Our flexible biomethane contracts, especially in the form of Gas Purchase Agreements (GPA), give you the opportunity to prove which production plant your biomethane comes from.

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More sustainable energy supply with biomethane

Green gas is considered to be completely CO2-neutral and can partially or completely replace fossil natural gas. Whether in the heat supply of buildings or as process heat in the industrial sector: biomethane is versatile and can be fed into existing natural gas networks. We offer our customers genuine physical biomethane including certificates as GPAs (Gas Purchase Agreements - direct gas supply contracts) and support them in making their gas procurement more sustainable with our services relating to the purchase of genuine green gas.

What is Biomethan?

Biomethane or green gas is biogas that has been upgraded to natural gas quality. Biogas is the gas produced during the fermentation of biomass (plants, liquid manure, biowaste, etc.). It consists mainly of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) as well as small amounts of water vapor and nitrogen. For further use as an energy source, all gases except methane are removed from the biogas in a treatment process and the methane content is increased. A major advantage of biomethane is that it is similar to natural gas and can therefore be fed into the existing gas grid. This means that biomethane can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used to generate electricity and heat, as a process gas in industry or as a fuel in the transport sector. As only the CO2 previously bound in the biomass is released into the atmosphere, biomethane is CO2-neutral.

Biomethane qualities

In the production of biomethane, a distinction is made according to the type and origin of the raw materials (substrates) used. This results in different biomethane qualities. These are divided into three different feedstock compensation classes (FCC).

What different qualities of biomethane are there?


Residual and waste products (e.g. biowaste or liquid manure, these do not compete with food)


Energy crops (e.g. corn silage, but compete with food crops or valuable land for food production)


Landscape conservation material (e.g. landscape conservation grass, rather rare and only produced in small quantities)

Procure biomethane with us.

Our services include the supply of biomethane produced in Germany with regional sourcing as well as the supply of biomethane from other European countries. We also offer the supply of all existing qualities. Proof is provided via the recognized dena biogas register or the Nabisy (sustainable biomass system). We provide all the relevant certificates to ensure that our customers can prove the sustainable origin and the entire production chain - from generation to use - of their energy supply.


Long-term price security

Secure long-term price security.

Transparency and cost-effectiveness

Benefit from our network and market knowledge in the biomethane sector.

Reduce CO2 emissions

Reduce your ecological footprint with biomethane.

Traceable origin

Supply yourself with regional biomethane of the desired quality.


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