E-charging infrastructure and mobility solutions

Intelligent charging infrastructure increases the attractiveness and value of your real estate. For commercial and residential properties, a reliable charging infrastructure for electric cars and other electrically powered vehicles is therefore a worthwhile investment. In addition to complying with the new legal requirements, it is crucial to today think about the needs of tomorrow. The future of cities and urban regions is electromobile.

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Consulting on mobility and charging infrastructure

GETEC mobility solutions - a subsidiary of GETEC ENERGIE and GETEC net - advises property owners and managers on mobility, electromobility and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. In addition, we support you in meeting the complex demands placed on real estate owners and managers in this context in a solution-oriented and needs-based manner. Our consulting services range from workshops on the basic requirements for electromobility in real estate to consulting on subsidies and integrated mobility concepts for entire neighbourhoods. You can find more about our consulting services here.

Straßenschild Ladestation für Elektroautos
E-Auto beim Ladevorgang

Technical planning

GETEC also supports its customers with the concrete technical planning of charging infrastructure. In addition to project management, our services here include clarifying technical requirements, selecting the appropriate hardware, locating the charging points and providing support during approval procedures. Together with GETEC mobility solutions, we support you according to your individual needs and work hand in hand with you. Click here for the details of the planning services offered by GETEC mobility solutions.

Installation and commissioning

The services provided by GETEC mobility solutions also include the installation and commissioning of charging points. Together with our partners, we take care of all structural and technical tasks according to your wishes. In addition to the technical implementation, we will also take care of the necessary energy management processes for you. . You can find all details here.

Parkplatz Straßenbemalung E-Ladestation
E-Auto an Ladestation


GETEC offers you an effective complete solution for operating charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. We have many years of experience with invoicing processes, which we use to ensure the correct billing of the charging current. In addition, we enable a smooth operation with comprehensive customer service, intelligent charging management as well as reliable maintenance and fault clearance. Find out more here.


Increase in value of your real estate

Increase the value of your commercial or residential property

Intelligent charging solutions

Benefit from well thought-out charging solutions for electric vehicles.

Benefit from expert knowledge

Benefit from a wide range of expert knowledge from a single source.

Legal certainty

Be legally on the safe side.

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