Energy-related process services

For energy supply companies the handling of energy market and customer service processes means a lot of effort. As an energy BPO provider, GETEC ENERGIE offers you competent support in this area, tailored precisely to the needs of energy supply companies. This allows you to concentrate on your customers while we handle the energy management processes in the background.

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White label solutions for utility companies

Our subsidiary, GETEC Daten- und Abrechnungsmanagement GmbH (GETEC DAM) has been a BPO provider specializing in the handling of energy processes since 2005. Together with GETEC DAM, we support you in energy market and customer service processes, such as market partner management, market communication, master data management, billing and the forecasting of the energy required to supply your customers. We take over all processes in the background and leave the interaction with your customers entirely to you.You can find more details here.

Strommasten im Nebel
Strommasten in Landschaft mit Schneebergen und Wolken

Supply your customers with energy – also as a non-utility company

GETEC Daten- und Abrechnungsmanagement GmbH (GETEC DAM) is an energy BPO provider and supports companies with an extensive customer base in supplying energy to these customers. No matter whether you are a telecommunications company, a retail trade chain or a real estate company: With the help of GETEC DAM you can become an energy supplier. GETEC DAM has already helped many large companies to supply their customers with energy. You do not need to concern yourself with the energy management processes. You continue to look after your customers directly, while we take care of the energy management details in the background. You can find more information here.


Expert knowledge

Benefit from industry-specific expert knowledge.

Broaden your service portfolio

Supply your customers with additional electricity and natural gas.

Legal certainty

Be legally on the safe side.

Reliable handling of processes

Let us handle the energy industry processes for you.

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