Energy market access

Access to the various energy trading centers is the basic prerequisite for an economic energy supply and the most profitable commercialization of energy. GETEC ENERGIE trades on behalf of its customers at all relevant energy trading centers - both in the short-term and long-term sector. In addition to the classic telephone exchange with our trading desk, we offer data connections tailored to your specific requirements, especially for short-term trading.

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Procure or market energy on the futures market with foresight

The commercialization and procurement of energy via long-term trading platforms such as the Leipzig Energy Exchange EEX is important for energy producers and consumers in order to be able to plan economically. However, access to energy markets causes costs for both energy buyers and sellers and requires extensive experience in dealing with energy trading exchanges. Furthermore, the administrative requirements (such as technical connection tests) are disproportionately burdensome for smaller market participants. We have many years of experience on the futures market and support you in the forward-looking supply and commercialization of energy.

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Keep it flexible: Your access to the short-term markets

In order to be able to react flexibly to changes on the market or with your own needs, it can be useful to participate in the short-term markets in addition to the participation in the long-term futures market. Electricity that can be delivered at short notice is traded on the so-called spot market. On the one hand, this is of interest to energy consumers who want to be able to flexibly procure with electricity. But the day-ahead and intraday markets are also valuable marketplaces for producers - especially when it comes to power generation from renewable energy sources that is difficult to forecast. GETEC ENERGIE supports you in participating in the short-term energy markets - as an energy consumer, supplier or producer.

Energy trading beyond the electricity exchanges: OTC transactions

GETEC ENERGIE supports you not only in energy trading on the futures and spot markets, but also in electricity procurement and marketing outside the energy exchanges. Over-the-counter trading enables buyers and sellers to do business with each other directly. GETEC ENERGIE provides support here with contractual arrangements, checking delivery and payment terms and conditions, and ensuring the proper handling of OTC transactions. In addition to trading conventionally generated energy via OTC, bilateral electricity supply contracts are also particularly suitable for electricity from renewable energy sources. Click here for information on the so-called Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).

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Natural gas

Besides electricity, natural gas is also traded on the energy exchange. Just like electricity, it can be procured in the long term on the futures market or in the short term on the spot market. Both H-gas (high calorific natural gas) and L-gas ("low calorific" gas) are traded on the German energy exchange EEX. GETEC ENERGIE can help you design a procurement strategy tailored to your needs, providing you with planning security and sufficient flexibility.


Optimal prices

Procure and market energy at optimal prices.

Access to power exchanges

Save your own access to the various electricity exchanges.

All-round carefree package

Leave the fulfillment of administrative requirements for energy market participation to us.

Experience in foreign markets

Benefit from our experience in EU-wide energy trading - e.g. on the EEX, Powernext, EPEX Spot, PEGAS, EXAA and ICE trading exchanges - and our active OTC trading partner network.


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