Services for energy producers

Whether operators of classic power plants, block-type thermal power stations or waste incineration plants, wind power, photovoltaic or biogas plants: the commercialization of the generated energy is the basic prerequisite for the economic efficiency of the facilities. For industrial companies that produce their own energy, commercializing surplus electricity can be an attractive additional source of income. It is important for all energy producers to optimize their commercialization strategies and thus achieve higher revenues.

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Services for operators of renewable energy systems

The share of renewable energies in total power generation in Germany rose from six percent in 2000 to around 38 percent in 2018, with wind energy, photovoltaics and biomass accounting for the largest share of power generation. Regardless of the energy source, it is important for the operators of respective facilities to be able to sell the electricity they generate at the highest possible price. Which type of commercialization is the right one depends on various factors, such as the type and age of the facility. Please check our services in the field of green electricity marketing here to find out more.

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Services for power plant operators

Conventional power plants remain an important cornerstone of energy supply in Germany. In order to achieve the highest possible prices and operate power plants profitably, many years of experience in energy trading can make the decisive difference to the competition. We have been successful in energy commercialization for almost two decades. We have access to all important trading markets and thus have a broad portfolio of possibilities which we can use for the optimal commercialization of your energy. We support energy producers in such a way that on the one hand they can achieve the highest possible planning security and on the other hand react flexibly to market signals or compensate for plant-related fluctuations. GETEC ENERGIE also enables power plant operators to benefit from our own virtual power plant (VPP) and the associated marketing of flexibility.

Services for industrial companies

For industrial companies that produce their own energy, the commercialization of energy surpluses can be an attractive additional source of income. For them, too, it is important to optimize commercialization strategies and achieve higher revenues. Industrial companies should plan accordingly in order to achieve planning security on the one hand and at the same time be able to react flexibly to changes in the utilization of production facilities or to a changing market environment. With our experience in the fields of power plant commercialization and green electricity commercialization, we also support energy producers in sideline business with our experience. Here, too, access to the various energy markets plays an important role. With our own virtual power plant, which is one of the largest in the German-speaking world, we also offer industrial companies the commercialization of their flexibility.

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