Energy services for the public sector

On the one hand, GETEC ENERGIE reliably supplies the public sector with energy. In addition, we support public administrations in tendering procedures and take over energy management processes - independent of the actual energy supply. More and more government agencies and public companies recognize the need to supply themselves with sustainable energy and thus reduce their ecological footprint. Here, too, we provide support in the development and implementation of the appropriate catalog of measures, which can also help to reduce costs.

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Energy procurement for authorities and public companies

Although the public sector has been free to choose its energy suppliers since the liberalization of the energy markets, in most cases it is obliged to put its electricity and natural gas requirements out to tender throughout Europe. GETEC ENERGIE takes part in the relevant tenders and supplies energy to public institutions at federal, state and municipal level - from office buildings, schools and public swimming pools to road maintenance depots. On the other hand, we also support the public sector in the appropriate design of tenders for energy procurement. Tenders are usually associated with a considerable amount of effort for the data preparation of the individual points of consumption and require a profound knowledge of the energy industry. GETEC ENERGIE also supports government agencies and public companies in creating a suitable energy procurement concept.

Energy services for the public sector

Supplying energy to a large number of facilities, properties or locations often means a lot of administrative work. Invoices and reports are often not available in the form that is important for a low internal effort - for example, for processes in central administration. If, on the other hand, high demands are made, for instance on the billing format, these limit the competition of possible energy suppliers. GETEC ENERGIE offers government agencies and public companies the complete handling of all energy-related processes in the form of a white label energy supply unit, independent of energy supply. This means that government agencies benefit from a flexible choice of electricity and natural gas suppliers, while at the same time always using the same data formats. In addition, we also support the public sector in developing a suitable procurement concept and in preparing and evaluating tenders. With the tools at our disposal, we can transparently evaluate and classify the incoming offers.

Sustainable energy for the public sector

In public administrations at federal, state and local level, there is a growing desire and also a need for more sustainable management. We provide comprehensive advice to public authorities and public companies on the options that are appropriate for their individual situation in order to reduce their ecological footprint. We offer a wide range of measures: Starting with sustainable energy supply - e.g. also including the installation of photovoltaic systems on suitable roofs of public properties - through the identification of potential savings to CO2 compensation. In many cases, the measures for more sustainability go hand in hand with a reduction in costs.