Energy services for the real estate industry

For owners and operators of residential and commercial real estate, the low-cost procurement of electricity and natural gas makes an important contribution to overall economic efficiency. We support real estate companies with customized energy supply solutions, such as the structured procurement of electricity and natural gas. Furthermore, we help housing associations as well as owners and operators of office and retail properties to make their real estate more sustainable. In addition to a sustainable energy supply, the provision and operation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles also offers good opportunities to make living space more attractive.

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Energy supply for commercial real estate

Managers of commercial real estate are faced with the challenge of ensuring the long-term economic operation of the properties they manage. The most cost-effective supply of electricity and natural gas possible, taking into account peaks in demand and periods of lower energy demand, plays an important role in this regard. GETEC ENERGIE supports you with a tailor-made energy procurement concept to enable you to benefit from both long-term fixed energy prices and supplementary short-term energy procurement on the day-ahead or intraday markets.

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Energy management services for real estate companies with a large number of properties

Supplying several thousand residential units, office or retail properties with electricity and natural gas is not only a cost issue, but also involves an enormous amount of administrative work. Ideally, energy management is centralized. However, billing and reporting are often not made available in formats that are compatible with the central administration's IT systems. On the other hand, a limitation to certain file formats limits the selection of possible energy suppliers. GETEC ENERGIE also offers to handle your energy management processes separately from supplying energy. This gives you full flexibility in your choice of supplier and at the same time you benefit from the long-term reliability of your energy data.

Solutions for sustainable real estate management

Most commercial property operators today want to operate more sustainably. Many properties already offer the prerequisites for installing photovoltaic systems on roofs, for example, or for setting up charging infrastructure in underground parking lots. In addition, the ecological footprint of your property can also be reduced by measures such as sustainable energy supply, identification of potential savings and CO2 compensation. We provide you with comprehensive advice in the development of a sustainability strategy and also support you with the implementation of the appropriate measures. In many cases, this will enable you to reduce not only your ecological footprint, but also your costs.

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Locally generated electricity for tenants: Bringing the energy turnaround to the cities

While rooftop photovoltaic (PV) systems have become a familiar sight on single-family homes in rural areas, there is still a lack of realization of this sustainable energy supply in cities. Based on scalable, cost-effective processes and billing systems, GETEC ENERGIE offers the implementation of PV projects on real estate properties. From the planning of the PV system, its technical implementation, the creation of a tenant electricity concept including a metering concept, to the realization of residual electricity and solar power supply and surplus electricity commercialization: we offer a coherent overall concept. Together with the real estate industry, we want to promote the energy turnaround in cities - scalable and future-proof.