BPO solutions for utility companies

The competition between utility companies in Germany is enormous. More than 2,000 electricity and natural gas suppliers compete for the favor of customers. Many energy supply companies are wondering how they can set themselves apart from the competition. GETEC ENERGIE supports utility companies with various highly efficient process services. In doing so, we remain completely in the background and do not make ourselves visible to our customers' customers.

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White label services for utility companies

Energy supply companies are in an increasingly tough competition with each other. Our platform, which is tailored to the needs of energy supply companies, enables us to handle energy management processes highly efficiently. In addition, we take over the supply of your customers with electricity and natural gas on your behalf (white label). As an energy BPO provider, we offer a range of additional services, such as setting up different product categories or installment payment processes for your customers. In this way, we enable energy supply companies to deploy their resources in a targeted manner and at the same time set themselves apart from the competition.

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BPO services for public utilities

Public utility companies sometimes have special requirements in terms of energy supply. To meet their needs, we at GETEC ENERGIE rely entirely on the expertise of our colleagues at EEG Energie- Einkaufs- und Service GmbH (EEG). Their core competence is consulting and energy supply for public utility companies. EEG is a wholly owned subsidiary of GETEC ENERGIE and offers tailor-made solutions for municipal energy suppliers. To find out exactly how EEG can support you as a public utility company, click here.

Energy services for newcomers to the energy market

For strong brands that have a large, established customer base, it can be attractive to add energy supply to the service portfolio for their customers. This is the case, for example, with telecommunications, insurance or large retail companies. However, being an energy supplier is technically, administratively and legally complex. Entering the energy market offers many opportunities and competitive advantages. GETEC ENERGIE helps you organize your entry into the energy market and supports you as a BPO provider with the handling of all energy market processes such as supply management, market communication, invoice processing and customer Service.

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