For companies, a secure supply of energy at cost-effective and marketable prices is a decisive competitive factor. However, the procurement of energy is highly complex and requires experience with the various energy markets. GETEC ENERGIE is your reliable partner in energy supply. We have all the necessary market access and experience to create the best energy concept for you.

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For companies with energy-intensive production processes - such as in the chemical, glass, paper or steel industries – an effective energy supply is an important aspect of remaining competitive. At GETEC ENERGIE we ensure that you are supplied with electricity and natural gas at marketable prices. We are your contact on an equal footing and support you in planning your energy supply with foresight and finding the optimum balance between planning and flexibility. This way you benefit from favorable prices and stay flexible if your capacity utilization or other factors in your production process change.

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Energy supply for trade chains and multi-sites

GETEC ENERGIE is the market leader in energy supply for trade chains or so-called multi-sites in the German-speaking region. Companies with a very large number of metering points want to structure their energy supply in such a way that they can procure energy as cost-effectively as possible on the one hand, on the other hand, they need to organize their energy management centrally to save administrative costs. Especially companies with many sites need energy supply concepts that take into account the individual needs of the sites and at the same time ensure clarity for those responsible. For example, we offer our invoices in various formats so that they match your requirements exactly. Our national and international supply concepts for electricity and natural gas range from the classic full supply to partial deliveries and cross-national portfolio management concepts with structured and standard products. We are the contact on equal footing for all trade chains and multi-sites.


At GETEC ENERGIE we also support other energy supply companies in supplying their customers with electricity and natural gas at low-cost and marketable prices. Your customers are supplied on your behalf via a so-called white label concept. You can concentrate on sales and customer care, while we at GETEC ENERGIE take care of the energy procurement and supply of your customers. We are your point of contact on equal footing and do not make any appearance to your customers. For further details, please refer to our energy-related process services.

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Marketable prices

Supply yourself with electricity and natural gas at marketable prices.

The right balance

Benefit from the optimal balance between planning and flexibility.

Legal certainty

Make sure that all legal requirements are met.

Secure supply abroad

Be on the safe side when it comes to energy supply in other EU markets.


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