Commercialization of green electricity

Operators of wind power, photovoltaic and biomass plants want to market their green electricity as profitably as possible. On the one hand, the proven direct commercialization on the electricity stock exchanges via the market premium model is an option here. But also the commercialization via power purchasing agreements (PPA) offers interesting possibilities for operators of new and existing plants.

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Direct commercialization via the market premium model

Our subsidiary GEWI is one of the largest direct marketers of green electricity in the German-speaking region. Together with GEWI, we support operators of wind power, photovoltaic and biomass plants in commercializing their generated electricity on the energy stock exchanges. In doing so, we handle the entire process and ensure that the plant operator receives the exchange proceeds and the market premium, including the management premium. The proceeds generated on the power exchange and the market premium together always correspond to the fixed feed-in tariff for green electricity.

Landhaus mit Photovoltaikanlagen auf dem Dach

Commercialization of green electricity from new plants with power purchasing agreements (PPA)

Operators of wind power, photovoltaic and biomass plants can also market the green electricity they generate directly to commercial energy consumers via electricity supply contracts - or so-called Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). Under certain circumstances, this can be more attractive than direct marketing. On the one hand, the green electricity marketed in this way can also be designated as such, which is becoming increasingly interesting for industrial and commercial companies. On the other hand, in times of decreasing feed-in tariffs, PPAs also become more economically interesting.

Commercialization of green electricity from EEG-20Plus plants with electricity purchasing agreements (PPA)

For many operators of older plants, the question arises as to how they should market their green electricity when the public subsidies (according tot he German „EEG“ law) for the first plants expire at the beginning of 2021. This is also referred to as "post-EEG plants" or "EEG-20Plus plants". An interesting option for continuing to use these old plants economically is commercializing them via bilateral electricity purchasing agreements (PPAs). With the help of PPAs, producers can market their green electricity directly to commercial consumers. The green electricity sold this way can be labeled as such - in contrast to EEG-subsidized electricity - which is increasingly relevant for energy consumers. In addition, commercializing via PPAs is a good way for operators of existing plants to ensure the continued operation of the plant. PPAs can be concluded for several years, which means additional planning security.


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