Our virtual power plant

GETEC ENERGIE has successfully operated a virtual power plant since 2010. With about 4,000 MW, which is made up of a large number of different customer plants, it is one of the largest virtual power plants in Germany.

Become part of our virtual power plant.

Virtual power plant - flexibility marketing

The virtual power plant was created from individual customer plants, which we place on the stock exchange for commercialization or bundle in balancing energy. In the meantime, our virtual power plant comprises industrial plants, electric vehicles and battery storage as well as a significant proportion of wind power, photovoltaic and biomass plants. More and more of our existing customers market their flexibility through GETEC ENERGIE. We stand out from the competition in this respect, above all, by creating customized solutions and opening up new revenue streams for our customers outside the conventional balancing energy markets.

GETEC ENERGIE virtuelles Kraftwerk

How can I become a part of the virtual power plant?

Most commercial energy consumers dispose over flexibility. The flexibility do not necessarily have to be very large. We are working on integrating even very small plants into our virtual power plant. These include, for example, solar batteries, electric vehicles or heat pumps. Together with you, we work out the optimal commercialization strategy for your flexibility based on your requirements and technical possibilities. Please contact us for further information.

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