Power plant commercialization

For power plant operators, the most profitable commercialization of their generated electricity is the foundation of their competitiveness. GETEC ENERGIE has almost 20 years of experience in the sale of energy from classic power plants, combined heat and power plants or waste-to-energy plants. We offer you our access to wholesale energy trading and all flexibility markets and always tailor the commercialization of your electricity to your individual needs.

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Power plant commercialization

Operators of conventional power plants or block or waste incineration plants, need to focus on the profitable commercialization of the produced energy. The revenues generated depend on the prices traded on the energy exchanges. In order to achieve the highest possible prices, a strategy is necessary which is designed for the long term, but which also leaves enough leeway to react flexibly to market signals. To this end, experience with both long-term futures market products and short-term day-ahead or intraday market transactions is essential. GETEC ENERGIE has been active in the energy market for almost two decades. Benefit from our extensive experience to market your power plant in the best possible way.

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Optimal revenues

Achieve optimal revenues with your power plant - whether conventional power plants or block-type or waste-to-energy power plants.

The right balance

Create the optimal balance between planning reliability and flexibility.

Time saving

Save yourself time-consuming REMIT reporting processes.

Focus on your core business

Retain control over your core business.

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