Energy supply and services for industry clients

For industrial companies, the cost-effective procurement of energy is an important factor in remaining competitive. At the same time, more and more companies want to operate more sustainably. Energy procurement that is both sustainable and economical, together with accompanying measures such as the installation of roof-mounted photovoltaic systems, can significantly advance your company's sustainability efforts.

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Energy procurement for industrial companies

We support our industrial customers with various energy-related services, above all the supply of electricity and natural gas at marketable prices. Based on your individual needs, we offer you various models of energy procurement: from full supply at a fixed price to more flexible tranche models and complex portfolio management. GETEC ENERGIE has the full range of market access, approvals and the necessary technical expertise to do this. We have years of experience in portfolio and balancing group management and provide our customers with comprehensive advice on all energy-related issues. Together with you, we analyze, for example, whether a separate balancing group could be useful for your industrial company.

Nahaufnahme Photovoltaikanalage

Reduce your ecological footprint

We provide targeted support to our industrial customers to make their production more sustainable while remaining competitive. Together with you, we analyze the current situation and develop a sustainability roadmap based on your specifications. This can include measures such as the identification of energy saving potentials, but of course also the supply of sustainably generated energy and the compensation of your CO2 emissions. In many cases, sustainability measures can simultaneously contribute to cost reductions. You can find out more about this here.


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